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Pricing Tools

Understanding the appropriate price for your units is critical when it comes to remaining competitive in the marketplace, but it’s a time-consuming and complicated process. Cycle Trader’s Pricing Tools help take the guesswork out of pricing and save you valuable time.

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The Off-Lot Lookup Tool allows you to make fast-used unit acquisition decisions based on average market pricing in your DMA, state, or nationwide.  This tool offers:

  • Ease of Use: Get the average market price for individual units based on Cycle Trader marketplace data all in ONE place.

  • Competitive Insight: See how competitors are pricing matching units in YOUR market

  • Informed Pricing: Gain a better understanding of how much you should pay to acquire used units in order to hit resale profit margins

The On-Lot Analysis Tool saves hours of time spent researching and gives an immediate overview of your Cycle Trader listing prices and relative demand compared to the DMA average. This tool offers:

  • Ease of Use:
    Analyze the listing prices of your entire Cycle Trader inventory in one simple view for faster and easier comparison

  • Competitive Insight: Compare your unit pricing to DMA, state, and national averages

  • Informed Pricing: Use the Price to Market Index tool to see how your unit’s price needs to be adjusted to match or beat your competitors’ listings

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